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Are you looking for a security guard service in Kolkata? Stalwart Group is your leading security guard Kolkata service provider that ensures its clients get the competitive yet best protection of their premises available in Kolkata. We have served over 900 clients across India, and the count is still increasing due to our dedicated and robust service regarding protection and security. Kolkata is a place known for its historical architecture and the joy of people. But these days, criminal activities and mishaps are occurring at a rapid pace. That’s why Stalwart has committed to protect Kolkata city and keep it the safest place to live in. We aim to protect the client’s property by providing high-level security and prevent any criminal damage. We provide end-to-end yet high-level security guard services in Kolkata and other parts of India. Choose our Security agency Kolkata team to ensure absolute safety to your premises. We are among the best security agencies in Kolkata that not only looks upon the premises but also ensures complete safety around the guarding points.

Before placing our guards at the suggested location, we train them and regularly inform new things to enhance their skills. A world-class security guard agency in Kolkata like Stalwart never takes rest to ensure 24/7 days protection. Whether it’s a mall, corporate office, institutes, hospitals, individuals, or residentials, our guards are trained perfectly to provide the best security guard services in Kolkata or anywhere they’re positioned. Contact our Security agency Kolkata team and get the best security and safety of your premises. Stalwart provides complete protection to the client and its premises through different services. You don’t need to find the best security agency in Kolkata if you’ve already chosen Stalwart as your guarding company. We always ensure client satisfaction through our high-end security measures. So, call us now and get the best security guard agency in Kolkata.


It’s a fact that every firm or business is always under threat. Stalwart group is probably the best choice to reduce theft, vandalism, and criminal damage in Kolkata. We rejoice ourselves in providing high-level security guard services in Kolkata to our clients and reducing their worries and burdens of safety and security. We are considered to be the best security agency in Kolkata due to our versatile services and its outstanding results. Our vast range of services in Kolkata includes:

security services in Kolkata


We have talented and expert guards trained thoroughly to protect our clients’ premises and maintain a peaceful environment. Our security guard Kolkata team knows where to position themselves and protect the client’s premises against vandalism and theft. Stalwart, the best security guard agency in Kolkata, always ensures safety and security to its client premises through static guarding services.

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Leave your fears and security loads behind while traveling by choosing our Transit Guarding Services. Our guards keep an eye on our client and its premises when they are on a trip. We are among the world-class security agencies in Kolkata that give outstanding transit guarding services.

security guard services in Kolkata


Emergencies can occur anytime, and thus, our quick response team is available 24*7days for the clients in case of emergencies. Our security guard Kolkata team is very active and responsive as well. Forget that you’re alone in trouble. Just make a single call and get the best support from our quick-response team. Stalwart is known for providing top security services in Kolkata and other parts of India with its pro-active guards and responsible team.

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We use CCTV cameras to monitor risk factors and prevent criminal activities. Choose our Remote Surveillance & Risk Monitoring service to keep an eye on your premises using CCTV cameras. We are among the top security companies in Kolkata that use advanced technology like CCTV cameras to detect risks and take actions instantly.

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Properties can face any mishap in the future. Our Physical Security Risk Management Program helps to validate the risk factors involved with the client’s properties and provide physical security accordingly. The insights provided by our authorities after conducting a thorough survey help in protecting your property. We are the best security agency in Kolkata and other parts of India that runs the physical security risk management program in an intense manner to ensure safety and security.

Choose our security agency Kolkata team and forget about the security and safety of your properties. Stalwart is a leader among security companies in Kolkata that never sleep to ensure high-end protection. No matter it’s a residential house or commercial building. Our guards will ensure the safety and protect your premises against thieves or being looted. Call on the given number or email us to get the top security services in Kolkata.


From commercial places to residential premises, everyone wants 24/7 security. Being the leader among security agencies in Kolkata, our guards are trained professionally to protect the premises and avert criminal activities. We hire licensed, proactive, and qualified guards to protect your properties and surroundings. Stalwart is considered as a leader among security companies in Kolkata due to its multi-talented & active guards and their team efforts. Some of the reasons to choose our security guards include:

  • Available 24/7
  • Takes correct records of unfamiliar incidences
  • Control and monitor the entrees at premise entrances and gates
  • Open communication with the clients
  • Full focus on providing satisfaction to all our clients
  • A brilliant security framework to deal with mishaps
  • Hardworking operations team
  • Have 30+ years of experience in protecting the properties
  • Evict violators and catch criminals
  • Highly efficient and trained guards

Get connect with our Security agency Kolkata team and hire professional guards to protect your residential or commercial buildings. We provide top security services in Kolkata and other parts of India with full of dedication, experience, and talented guards.

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The list of common FAQs regarding our services in Kolkata are:

Keeping the staff and property of a client secure is the main job of security guards.

No, only armed security guards are authorized to carry legally issued weapons.

Training is important as it gives knowledge and practical experiences of what security guards have to do on their job to secure the place they are guarding.

Yes, it is necessary for security guards to be in their uniforms while performing their duties.

Yes, we provide proper training to its guards after getting them onboard, so that they can fulfill their duties with utmost perfection.

Police Investigation is essential for checking the background history of the guards. Through a proper police investigation, we ensure that all our guards are credible, honest, and trustworthy.

The uniform depends upon the client's needs. The guards wear a uniform as per the instructions of the clients.