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Stalwart group is a pioneer in offering best security services in Delhi to protect its client’s properties. With over 900 clients serving experience and having over 9000 dedicated employees, we are recognized as the best security agency in Delhi. We aspire to make Delhi the safest place with our selfless security guard services in Delhi to our clients. We believe in making a relationship with our clients for a longer time regarding protection and safety. You can rely on us for the safety and protection of your premises because the Stalwart group has three decades of experience in offering security guard services. Our strength is our dedicated and well-trained guards who know how to protect Delhi’s areas and location or wherever they are positioned. We cater tremendously innovative, customized, and profitable solutions to our clients using highly developed technology that is terrific. This tremendous approach makes us more impressive and trustworthy than other security companies in Delhi. We care for our clients and their premises.

Our security guard company in Delhi is honoured for our great success over time. For the past 30 years, we are serving Delhi and other parts of India. We are committed to protecting the capital of India with advanced technology and steadfast guards.


These days, crimes and criminals are increasing. We also don’t know when the mishaps can happen with the property or people. That’s why the security guard services are occurring at an alarming rate. That’s why to deal with the criminals in the capital of India, we stood as the security provider ensuring high-level security and safety to the client’s properties. We are very rigorous towards our work and considered as the leader among top-class security agencies in Delhi. The services we provide include:

security services in delhi


If you are looking for the best security guard agency in Delhi, then you are at the right place. We have trained and professional guards (both males & females) capable of protecting the client’s property rigorously. Choose our Security Guarding Services and forget about your premises, whether it’s residential or commercial.

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We have armed & unarmed guards that make the client’s journey theft-free and protected. Choose our transit Guarding services and travel anywhere with our committed guards. Our security guard Delhi team is much better and alert than other security companies in Delhi.

security guard services in delhi


Stalwart has a dedicated quick-response security guard Delhi team that is ready to deal with any emergency. The client simply needs to contact the response team if any emergency occurs in the house or nearby location. They will reach to the client in no extra time and resolve the mishap as quickly as possible. We are the best security agency in Delhi that gives quick responses in case of emergency.

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Using cameras is the right choice to keep an eye on every area, location, thing, and other. We provide proactive remote surveillance & risk monitoring service to ensure no damage in emergency and quick response to prevent any mishaps. In the case of advanced technology and support, Stalwart is always ahead of the available ordinary security agencies in Delhi. We monitor the risk and take adequate action accordingly.

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Our physical security risk management program helps identify the useful control measures that can be taken to diminish a business’s potential risks. We evaluate the risk factors that can physically harm the client’s business in the future. And based on this, we provide physical security to our clients. You don’t need to go anywhere searching for security agencies in Delhi when you’re on this page. Stalwart is the best security agency in Delhi in terms of providing a world-class physical security risk management program.

Our Officials usually perform a surprise inspection to know how our guards and security operations are functioning. We believe in customer satisfaction which has made us the first choice in the security agency Delhi firms. The multi-level analysis and experience of security services in Delhi have allowed Stalwart to expand its client base around the country and has become the best security guard agency in Delhi with its economic and quality services.


Our well-trained security guards are familiar with all the locations in Delhi, and they are committed to protecting each area with full experience and dedication. Along with this, we also update our security guards related to the area’s latest information to develop their skills. This realistic approach has made Stalwart the first option to choose when it comes to top security guard company in Delhi. You would love to prefer our guards for the safety and security of your premises as they are:

  • Available 24/7
  • Keep clear transparency in dealing with clients
  • Prevent crimes and protect the premises decisively
  • Deliver unified, integrated security to client’s properties
  • Capable of handling emergencies efficiently
  • Police-verified security guards
  • 30+ years of experience with satisfied responsibility
  • Friendly & supportive with clients

If you are searching for a security guard agency in Delhi, you should go ahead with the Stalwart. As a provider of top security services in Delhi and other parts of the country, we proud ourselves for being at the top due to the world-class yet professional security guard Delhi team. Place the call now to get the top security services in Delhi from Stalwart.

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The list of common FAQs regarding our services in Delhi are:

We perform an intensive investigation, including personal references and prior employment.

We give classroom training as well as on-site training to all our guards.

Depending on the needs of the clients, our security guards can keep daily security reports for each shift.

Our security guards use an automated software system that checks in and off duty, and that verifies the location of the guards and keeps a record of their duty.

The Company conducts a thorough background screening and police verification before on boarding new employees.

Yes, we train all our guarding in providing timely reporting to the clients regarding the services. They keep an account of all the events and present them to the clients.

Yes, the Transit Guarding Services help the clients travel safely along with all the essential belongings. This service is typically beneficial for famous personalities, but can be used by anyone!