Facility Management Services in Bangalore

Facility management Services in Bangalore

How to keep an office in Bangalore working at its best? Worry not, as we have the perfect array of solutions. Stalwart Group offers the best integrated Facility Management Service in Bangalore. We offer the best facility management service in the area and have diverse working models that suit any type of facility. Being the IT hub of India, tons of companies are functioning in and out of Bangalore city and it is definitely important to maintain the large properties smoothly. For this, you need the help of a professional, flexible and reliable facility management service provider like Stalwart. Realizing this, we are offering the best services in the sector with trained people on the ground. Our skilled professionals will ensure your buildings are organized and tidy and let you enjoy a comfortable life. We use advanced technologies available to make both our work and your life easy.

We realize that the needs of every client are different and employ a unique approach to every building. But this doesn’t restrain us from extending our services to every section in the community that includes IT, malls, banks, individuals, hotels, corporates, hospitals, manufacturing industries, education, residential, institutes, and others. First-class facility management service will be provided to every client and global standards are adopted for this. With long years of excellent service, Stalwart group is well-known for its client management and is regarded as the top facility management company in Bangalore. If you are looking for an agency to take over the facility management work of your building, contact Stalwart! We are always ready to help you! Contact us below.

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The broad service areas of Facility Management make it a hard idea to explain. But in totality, the multiple focus points of facility management ensures safety, comfort, functionality and efficiency in a facility by incorporating people and technology. Stalwart is a responsible facility management service provider who very well understands the duties associated with the sector. We are accountable for keeping your environment safe, clean and organized. The Facility Management industry is also an ever-evolving sector in terms of skill sets and responsibilities. The requirements are constantly upgraded along with the technologies used. Stalwart, being the best facility management service provider in Bangalore always try to incorporate all the growing needs in the services provided, which will be delivered with the assistance of advanced technologies in the field.

Our various services in the field of Facility Management are:

Facility Management Services in Bangalore


Being a renowned facility management company in Bangalore, the Housekeeping and Janitorial services form the foundation of all the integrated facility management services. We take up all the errands of cooking, cleaning, laundry at your offices, hotels, apartments, or guest houses. The trusted housekeeping and Janitorial experts of the team make sure that everything is clean, organized, and follow all the essential standards.

Facility Management Services in Bangalore


The Gardening & Landscaping execution team at Stalwart facility management company in Bangalore consists of Civil Engineers, Arboriculture experts, environmentalist, Horticulturist, and various site managers, supervisors, gardeners and masonry workers. From fertilizing, irrigation, bush and tree trimming to edging, avenue planting, vertical gardening etc., the Garden and Lawn Maintenance services ensure that your gardens and lawn remain perfectly manicured throughout the year.

Facility Management Services in Bangalore


Pests pose to be one of the biggest dangers to humans as they injure them, destroy their property, cause contamination, and create a loss for money. The different types of pests include bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, houseflies, cockroaches, birds, and rodents. We take the responsibility of managing all these pests by combining the appropriate pest control tactics into a single strategy for reducing pests and the damage caused by them.

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Pests pose to be one of the biggest dangers to humans as they injure them, destroy their property, cause contamination, and create a loss for money. The different types of pests include bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, houseflies, cockroaches, birds, and rodents. We take the responsibility of managing all these pests by combining the appropriate pest control tactics into a single strategy for reducing pests and the damage caused by them.

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Clean and Sparkling windows add to the overall ambiance of the interior of a property. We provide an array of Window Cleaning Services that include Window Cleaning, Graffiti Removal, etc. for meeting your requirements. Our Facade Cleaning Services carried out by the professionals are done by effective sprays that can ensure that the surfaces of your building do not lose their charm.

Facility Management Services in Bangalore


Being the best facility management company in Delhi, we understand how crucial it is for you to find the right employee that has the right skill sets for contributing to the success of your business. It does not matter if you are a small or a large organization; we help you hire the best talent for a short-term or long-term period. The Staffing Services of the company make sure that your business gains the right set of people to grow better and earn higher revenue.

Facility Management Services in Bangalore


Taking care of the health of your employees is a must for every organization. Healthy food not only enables the employees to work better, but also has a positive effect on their health. Hence, the Food & Pantry Services offered by the team of experts at the Stalwart Group ensure that your employees get healthy and delicious meals during office hours. All the meals served to the employees are hygienically prepared.

Facility Management Services in Bangalore


A small issue in your building can sometimes turn into a big problem. Regular Monitoring and fixing the problems related to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing may help you save up a lot of money. We understand that your building might need MEP services at any point, and therefore, provides a well-trained team of experts who do the MEP maintenance work with utmost perfection.

Facility Management Services in Bangalore


Carpets have the tendency of catching the maximum number of allergens that can cause discomfort to the people. Dirty carpets also reduce the aesthetic appeal of a place. To keep your building look ravishing and healthy, carpet cleaning is essential. The Carpet Cleaning Services provided by us ensure that your carpet is clean and remains away from dust, dirt, allergens, and stains so that it can look as fresh as a new carpet.

Facility Management Services in Bangalore


Over time, your furniture becomes dirty as it keeps gathering dust. A lot of things like dust, pollens, stains, blemishes, etc. start gathering on your furniture. For maintaining the proper hygiene of the place, upholstery services are essential. Therefore, the Upholstery Cleaning Services from the company ensure that your furniture remains clean and away from all dust particles.

Facility Management Services in Bangalore


It is essential for you to ensure that your property is stocked up with the right personal hygiene products for maintaining a healthy environment in your property. From toilet papers, tissue papers, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, to other sanitary and personal hygiene products, we supplies you with all the necessary health and hygiene consumables.

Facility Management Services in Bangalore


An expert Facility Management Company in Kolkata takes the task of providing proper maintenance of a property. The Stalwart Group is amongst the top Integrated Facility Management Companies and provides you with an Annual Maintenance Contract that acts as an agreement towards taking care of all the repair and maintenance of your property by the experts at The Stalwart Group.

Facility Management Services in Bangalore


A lot of times, your building might require a very small or minor repair or maintenance. These issues can come up at any time on a day-to-day basis. Calling a repair person every time can be a hassle. Therefore, the Repair and Maintenance Experts at the Stalwart Group take care of all such trivial issues.

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The best facility management companies in Hyderabad help in reducing the cost of your business and improving the vendor relations through their vendor management services. The vendor management services offered by us help you in sourcing vendors, getting quotes, negotiating contracts, assigning jobs, managing relationships, evaluating performance, and ensuring that all the payments are timely made.

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You need to disinfect and fumigate your properties to stay safe and away from all the infections. A lot of times, you are unaware regarding the amount of bacteria and viruses that reside in your building and have the power to cause serious problems to the health of the employees. To help you get, or rent out, a safe and sanitized property, we provide excellent Disinfection and Fumigation Services performed by professionals.

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Known for providing the best security guards in Bangalore, the following reasons describe the importance of choosing us:

  • More than 30 years of experience with satisfied customers
  • Background-verified security guards
  • Appropriately trained and professional guards
  • High level of transparency in dealing with clients
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Being the leading agency of providing security guard services in Bangalore, we train our security guards with utmost dedication. All our security guards go through a proper background screening and police verification before getting on board with the company. We also provide training to the armed security guards regarding the arms and ammunition they have to use to ensure the client’s safety.



What do you mean by Facility Management Outsourcing?

FM outsourcing simply means you are assigning a 3rd party agency to maintain the premises of your facility. Outsourcing the facility management will lead to a more efficient and cleaner organization.

What is preventive facility management?

The regular and routine maintenance of a facility to detect the problems early and prevent accidents or equipment failures before they actually happen.

Do you train your workers before employing them?

Yes! Stalwart provides extensive training in facility management for its workers before assigning them to the client’s location.

Why is facility management so important?

Facility management will improve the overall efficiency of a company and keep the whole facility organized. It can improve your business and help you to have a mess-free life.

Will facility management be useful in emergencies?

Yes! Stalwart’s facility management team is also trained to handle emergencies and unpredictable situations efficiently.