Armed security guard services

Apart from providing regular services, we also provides armed security guard services for the safety of our clients. We deploy armed security guards to customers who require higher security coverage. These customers include Financial institutions like banks, ATM’s and other institutions like jewellery and so on. These security guards hold government-licensed firearms and are rigorously trained to respond to unusual or emergencies at the customer’s site using the appropriate escalation of force level or armed response as per established protocol.

We are an armed security guard company that warrants top-notch security to keep our clients safe. Our armed security guards are put under rigorous training to tackle any difficult situation that may arise unexpectedly. With rising crime rates surrounding financial institutions and jewelleries, an armed guard will ensure that the belongings of the institution are safe and sound. Stalwart’s armed security guards are deployed for VIP security as well.

Hence, we believe that the key to delivering high-quality security services are:

  • Careful selection of security guards with thorough background research
  • Rigorous training
  • Vigilant supervision
  • On-field instructions