Central Monitoring Services Company

Central Monitoring Services abbreviated as CMS is a three-pronged security solution offered by Stalwart that caters to the end to end security needs of our clients. CMS is often known by the name Remote Surveillance. The three significant rudiments in the central monitoring system include:

  • Physical Guarding
  • Central Monitoring System
  • Quick Response Team

CMS is a pioneering security solution that aids in the reduction of security manpower using process automation. Stalwart aims to deliver the latest security concepts that are highly effective and reliable. Under this program, we install and integrate the necessary hardware, which includes CCTV, intrusion detector, fire alarm, etc. on different premises and connects them to our central monitoring system. On detecting any intrusion at our client’s premises, alarms would immediately be triggered, and a quick response team would be deployed for action in no time.

The CMS will predominantly include the following components:

  • Installation/integration of necessary hardware including CCTV Cameras, intrusion detection, alarms, etc.
  • Networking devices to a central monitoring system
  • Command control software
  • Remote surveillance
  • Triggering of alarms
  • Deployment of quick response team for immediate action