Why Should you Hire a House Cleaner before Listing the House?

2020-04-20T07:11:42+00:00February 25th, 2020|

Selling your house can be both exciting and challenging. While you must be eager to move to a new place, listing the old one and meeting prospective buyers can be quite daunting. However, there are several things that you can do to accelerate the process. One of the most basic ways to sell your [...]

How to Choose the Best Coverage As a Professional House Cleaner

2020-02-20T12:36:24+00:00February 17th, 2020|

Being a house cleaner is as tricky as any other corporate role. You travel across multiple locations, working towards getting your business more recognition. However, house cleaning is not only limited to cleaning. It would be best if you prepared for every crisis that arises. It is possible with a contingency plan. With the [...]

40 Housekeeper Interview Questions

2020-04-20T07:12:48+00:00February 12th, 2020|

Hiring a housekeeper can be extremely challenging because you need to ensure that he or she is not only well-trained in the tasks but is also reliable. There are many things that you need to consider before you choose a permanent housekeeper. If you are new in this field and don’t know where to [...]

How Often do you Need a Housekeeper

2020-04-20T07:25:10+00:00January 9th, 2020|

Housekeeping service providers are the best solution for all your household management problems. Managing the daily chores efficiently is becoming a hectic task with each passing generation. It may be due to the modernisation approaches that our society is following. In metro cities, when both people from the household is working, it becomes quite [...]

What Kind of Housekeeping can you Expect in a Modern Senior Residence?

2020-04-20T07:27:30+00:00December 18th, 2019|

It sometimes becomes harder to determine the appropriate housekeeper's role or housekeeping service provider in a modern senior residence. To determine the housekeeper role appropriately, you should first understand the meaning of housekeeping and nature of a housekeeper’s position. The main housekeeping tasks include vacuuming, cleaning of the floors and kitchen and bathroom, and [...]

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