Steps to be taken to prevent construction site theft

Construction sites are always top targets of theft. Things from vehicles, cements, to copper and fuel, etc. are stolen every now and then. Everything, that has some value is at the risk and requires the need of assigning security services in the construction sites. The Increase in fuel cost has resulted in the increase in fuel theft from generators and vehicles in the construction sites. Thieves can easily steal copper and other metals as they don’t have any company marks or seal. The losses incurred by the construction industry make construction site security a top concern Security Agency Bangalore.
There are chances that the construction materials are being left unsecured in the open, which peaks the interest of thieves. In many cases the thieves are the people working currently at the site or their friends who are aware of how the things are getting handled on the site. It is always better to give out this duty to any security service agency.
It is always good to regularly check and revise the construction site security plan as the construction progresses. Thus, whenever any changes take place in the case of equipment and material locations, the construction site security arrangements should be revised. Also, keep the site well lit in the evenings and overnight even after the work has ended. The better your site is lit, the less inviting it will be for the thieves. Adding lighting will also help the security guards to be alert and check for any unwanted activity happening in the area. It also helps police while doing regular patrols.
It is hard to keep the track of construction materials in the sites. It is better to keep only the materials that you need at present, as the extra materials are the first choice of the thieves since they will not be checked at once and the loss will also be noticed much later. It is better to limit the amount of extra materials that are present in the construction site and manage the materials in hand. Supplies should be done as and when needed Security Services Bangalore
The project managers must keep a record of the amount of materials and equipments available on the site. It will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the project. Always report any theft to the police as soon as it is discovered and in the case of equipment theft you also need to report the national registry. Keeping accurate records will make the workers aware of the fact that everything is being counted and there is someone keeping an eye on them. It is also good to assign different members of the supervising team with different aspects of security. Dividing the security responsibility will encourage the supervisors to take the ownership of the security of the construction site. Also assign someone to do a final check of the site at the end of the day. The high risk areas should be checked including the entrances, general perimeters and the storage containers.
Hiring a security agency that provides security guards for the construction site will eliminate theft. Trained security guards are efficient resource for the construction site security. Thieves tend to take the path having less resistance. At Stalwart, we will help you to achieve complete security in your construction site. We make sure that the security guards are there while workers are present to make them alert.

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