Day to Day Operations

Day to Day Operations

Day to Day Operations:


  • We work in an environment that is filled with unexpected risks and challenges. Our operations team works tirelessly around the clock to prevent and respond to such issues promptly and proactively. 
    • Operational Control:
      • 24×7 Support
      • Daily Visits & Customer Meetings
      • Surprise Checks and Night Surveillance
      • Quick and Effective response to problems
      • Backend Coordination Team


    • Daily Reports via Email & Phone:  
      • Deployment Status
      • Incidents
      • Patrolling Reports
      • CCTV Observations
      • Visitor Management Reports
      • Domestic Help Trackers


    • Technology driven Solutions:  
      • Online Registers
      • Automated Gate Passes
      • Pre-authorization of Visitors
      • Movement tracking of Visitors and Workers
      • Patrolling devices