How to Recognize the Persons Who Conceal Weapon

Weapon attacks are common in today’s world and are now common in public places, hospitals and educational institutions. People stay unnoticed outside such places and commit homicide before security personnel can take action to stop it. Even hiring an officer with years of experience might not work in cases like this, as they might not notice the physical behaviour indicating that they are heavily armed individuals Security Services.
Even we come across situations where schools and university students go undetected while they are concealing shotguns and thus commit multiple-victim homicide.
Apart from using metal detectors, techniques like visual weapons screening will help the security guards to recover firearms and other such weapons. Visual screening can be an effective means to counter such dangers. Visual screening is a proven technique that will help you in difficult situations.
Weapons Violators
There is no specific profile for the weapons violator. Both male and female carry and use weapons which is against the law. They might be wearing expensive clothing, and might belong to all socioeconomic classes. At first glance they might look like a common citizen, however most of them would display an unusual behaviour which could indicate the presence of an alleged weapon.
Visual Weapons Screening
Visual Weapons Screening can be a valuable tool that would help officers facing security concerns to identify armed individuals. A close look at the people carrying arms might reveal a sag in the jacket on one side. The concept of behavior clusters needs to be understood by the security service providers. For example, if you see a person adjusting something under his clothing, then looks around nervously before walking away, there is every chance that the individual is armed. The security officer must learn to understand these behaviors.
Below are some common behaviors that a security personnel working with Stalwart Group will consider. However, these signs may not always show the presence of a weapon:
Individuals carrying weapons would adjust their concealed weapons several times a day. They might be difficult to get detected, but on rare occasions, they tend to adjust them, while getting off a chair, car or while climbing stairs Security Solutions.
Unnatural Pace
People may walk in an awkward way. They may have problem bending their knees if they have them in their trouser pockets. They may walk uncomfortably as they might be carrying guns or knives in their shoes.

Bulges due to Outline of the Weapon
At Stalwart Security Services, our security guards are trained to spot the bulges caused due to the weapon or, to detect the outlines of brass knuckles, a handgun or a knife in the violator’s pocket. They also become alert if they see any woman with purse, book bag or other hand carried an item with a nervous look.
Individuals carrying guns and knives in their arm or behind the leg try to conceal them from only the frontal view. And before attacking their target, this individual will have a constant eye fixed on their intended victim.
Stalwart, the well known security agency in Bangalore has proven to be effective Security Agency Bangalore with Visual weapons screening. We have trained weapon screeners who applies their common sense along with this technique while carefully considering the overall context.

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